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All about making life easier, and more efficient

Finding a great solution that helps your business implement time-saving practices and cost savings is something that gives us great pleasure.

Sometimes it's more cost effective to have a custom-built solution tailored your specific requirements which will streamline your business processes to the maximum advantage. In other cases an existing off-the-shelf system may be all you need.

We can discuss your needs and find the solution that will work best, taking all factors into account, including budget, organisation size and the extent and uniqueness of your industry and specific business requirements.

Beyond The Day To Day

Extranet Development

For clients, members or groups external to your organisation. Make resources and marketing material conveniently available, or provide access to accounts information and communications.

Online Loyalty & Referral Programmes

Retain your customers through a loyalty programme, or increase your client base with a referral programme. We can make it easy to integrate your accounting package with a client extranet to provide a vibrant loyalty scheme which rivals that of any national company.

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Within Your Organisation

Intranet Development

For staff, suppliers, distributors and groups internal to your organisation. Distribute communications easily and effectively, and track products or services through the purchase and distribution process.

Server-based Application Development

Take full advantage of internet technologies with customised software that runs over a browser. There are thousands of reasons why you should consider developing your own solutions for inventory, customer relationship management and much more. Come and talk to us and we'll show you why.

Database Development and Integration

Control your business with custom built databases to improve your information management. We can build databases for assets and inventory, customer relationship management and hundreds of other uses. If your business has a logistics problem with records, we could have the solution.

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