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We can register almost any domain name, for anywhere in the world, including .tv, .biz, .info, and hundreds more for as little as twelve months, or as long as ten years. Ask us about our rates for the domain name and term of your choice.

* Prices are annual and exclude GST in New Zealand. An additional setup fee of $19.95 + GST applies to all domain name registrations. Some international domains may be priced significantly higher per year (Eg. .tv). Please enquire about uncommon international domain name fees - Where a domain name is priced higher than the displayed rates above you will be notified prior to purchase. Rates are current from 1 April 2021.

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Internet services are a serious business as so many business functions are dependent on reliable domain, email and hosting. Moving your domain or email can be disruptive, so make sure you work with people who know exactly how the move will affect you and your unique circumstances.

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