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Cohesion’s own Content Management System (CMS) is an excellent easy-to-use system. It's one of our unique highlights and has been refined and improved over many years.

The result is a quality, uncomplicated CMS that gives you full management and control of your website without needing weeks of training.

Our standard Content Management System includes:

  • Update, edit, create/add, delete static pages in real time
  • Drag/drop to re-order pages
  • Control of navigation and sub navigation
  • Easy to upload images and set internal or external links
  • Browser-based user interface means you have full layout control using a toolbar that is easy to use without knowledge of web technologies
  • Super easy-to-use toolbar with pre-formatted mobile-responsive templates
  • Version rollbacks ensure you can return to an earlier version of the page at any time

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FREE Content Management for your Website

Bring your site to Cohesion, and we'll integrate it with our Content Management Software for FREE!*

Simply tell us the address of your website and we'll take a look at what will be involved**. Then we'll move it across to our servers and integrate it with our CMS so that you'll have full management of your website. Of course, if you need assistance we're always happy to help.

We'll also provide you with one hours training, on-site at your own premises on your computer - since that's the one you're most familiar with.

We'd be happy to talk with you more about whether this will suit your business. Contact us so we can start the conversation about getting you started with your new easy-to-use CMS.

*A 24-month hosting term will apply. The Cohesion CMS is used under licence - Please see our Terms of Trade for further details.
** Some websites which comprise database-driven information or server-side programming may not be able to be moved under this offer. If this is the case, we will let you know what would be involved to move your site to Cohesion after a discussion with you about your objectives. Training subject to location - If distance applies remote tuition may be provided.

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Special Note Jul 2024: We're currently experiencing near maximum production capacity. We look forward to hearing from you but please be patient while we do our best to accommodate your particular project.
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